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Fire Hydrant Painting Specifications

The City of Elyria is thankful to any and all civic-minded citizens who have aided our city by painting local fire hydrants. However,  for safety reasons we do require a specific color scheme and the use of special, reflective paint, which the city will provide to citizens, on the hydrants.  While we genuinely do appreciate the creativity employed in some attempts to fit hydrants into residential landscapes, our major concern is that the hydrants remain easy to find and manipulate in emergency situations. For this reason, we require all hydrants to be painted red with white bonnets, using a reflective paint containing glass beads that enables apparatus drivers to easily spot hydrants when approaching a fire.

We appreciate your continued support in this endeavor.  Water Distribution Department will supply paint, brushes, and guidance to residents and organizations who would like to paint hydrants. Call (440) 322-2927 for more information.