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East Avenue Relief Sewer – In the Know 10/27/17

Happy Friday Everyone!!

 I missed last week’s update…much of the same continued on the project.  Contractor worked on getting new water services installed and houses connected.

 The contractor has another week on water services.  Then, we move onto the sewer work.  The sewer work will involve constructing a new sanitary sewer that can accommodate wet weather flows(stormwater runoff that enters the sanitary system) and keep as much of that overflow out of the river (this overflow would be a combination of stormwater and sanitary sewage).

 More information will be provided next week, but just to give you a heads-up, the intersection of 4th Street and East Avenue will be closed beginning November 6th or 7th for 2-4 weeks.  The start date for this is tentative and will be confirmed next week.

 I do want to mention that East Avenue is CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC….AND THE INABILITY FOR A MOTORIST TO DRIVE THROUGH THE EXCAVATION AREA IS WAY IT IS CLOSED.   Last week, there was a lady who screamed at the crew and my inspector because they would not let her drive alongside the excavator next to the hole in the ground.  She couldn’t take NO for an answer and drove through the zone anyway.  The inspector got her license plate number, and the police were happy to provide her with a friendly letter and a conversation on her actions.   Just remember….keeping drivers out of the immediate excavation area is for the safety of the crew, the inspector, AND the motorists!

 *Just a reminder – keep raked leaves out of the street.  In the work zone areas, Tim, the inspector, can help coordinate with the leaf crews if necessary.

I will provide more info on the intersection closure next week.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

And as always….Please DRIVE SAFELY!!