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Lead and Drinking Water

There has been much talk in the media about lead and drinking water. There are 6 million lead service lines in the United States. They are safe when properly dealt with in the public water systems.

The City of Elyria treats our water, and tests it according to EPA mandates to prevent lead from getting from the lines into the water. This along updating household plumbing and removal of lead service lines during normal replacements will make this issue lessen throughout the future. The American Water Works Association states that it will be 100 years before all lead could removed from Americas drinking water lines. It has been a part of plumbing back to ancient times. The continued diligence of water providers like Elyria will keep the lead issue a non-issue.

For anyone’s  own piece of mind the World Health Organization recommends when lead is a concern, run the tap for 30 seconds when water line hasn’t been used for over 6 hours. Boiling does not remove lead.

Although there was a problem in Flint Michigan, America has the best and safest public drink water anywhere.