Fire Hydrant Use

The use of Fire hydrants in the City of Elyria is limited to Fire Personnel and workers from Elyria Water Distribution. Contractors may apply for a permit to rent a hydrant meter from the City through a very limited policy. All requests for hydrant rental or any other hydrant related requests are to be made through the Water Distribution Department Head @(440)322-2927

Fire Hydrants may not be used to fill pools, ponds, etc.

Fire hydrants must not be blocked from view in any manner. Do not park in front of hydrants. Do not cover hydrants with leaves,snow etc. Do not plant flowers or bushes close to hydrants.

If a resident or group wants to paint a hydrant CLICK HERE.

If you see a hydrant knocked over or leaking please report it to Water Distribution @(440)322-2927 or after hours @ Elyria Police Dispatch @ (440) 323-3302

All third party testing of fire flows are strictly through the guidance of the Elyria Fire Marshall and the Water Distribution Dept.