Here is an ever expanding list of Frequently Asked Questions about the City Water Departments.

How do I report a watermain break? – During regular business hours M-F 8AM to 4:30PM contact Elyria Public Utilities. After hours contact Elyria Police Department Dispatch @ (440) 323-3302

Where do I pay my water bill? – At Elyria Public Utilities. 131 Court St. in City Hall.  (440)-326-1570

Who do I call to have my service turned on or off? –  Elyria Public Utilities.

Where does Elyria water come from? –  The City of Elyria operates a Water Pumping Plant on the shore of Lake Erie in Lorain Ohio.

What if I have Water Taste, Odor, or Rust Complaints. Please call  Elyria Public Utilities to report water quality issues. Also if running water to clear the line try to use an unscreened spigot such as a stationary tub or utility sink. Do not run hot water until the line clears up.

I just washed my clothes and rusty water got in the machine. What should I do? – First, do not dry the load. Call Elyria Public Utilities and they will help you address the problem.

The city fixed a watermain break in my treelawn. Who takes care of the lawn repair? – The Elyria Water Distribution Department will repair the lawn and topsoil and seed the area after settling and drying of the area. Please be patient the ground takes some time to settle.

I am pouring a new driveway and there is a water valve in my driveway. What should I do?  CLICK HERE