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Concrete Driveway/Sidewalk

If you are planning to replace your Driveway Apron or Sidewalk it is manditory by State of Ohio law to call 811 before you dig.(Yes, removing an old driveway or sidewalk is an excavation). Make sure you and/or your contractor adhere to this law. When you call 811, all utilities in the area of your excavation are marked for protection from damage. In the case of the water service, we will make sure the curb stop is properly functioning. In that manner you will avoid having your new driveway cut later for curbstop repair. Although State law requires 48 hours notice before you dig, we would apreciate any lead time more than that if possible. If you are in the early stages of planning please contact 811 to give us enough time to be certain everything is in good order before you replace your drive. For any question of this subject feel free to contact us at (440)322-2927 or .

Thank you.


Example of a Curb Box in Concrete

Curb Box