Safety Town

    What is Safety Town?

    Safety Town is a realistic, child-sized town designed to provide a complete hands-on safety education for children entering kindergarten in the fall. Safety Town consists of a child sized town which has working traffic signals, miniature buildings, cross walks, complete with personal traffic provided by the children on tractors. We at Safety Town wish to give the children a hands-on experience to take with them.

    Safety Town is a one-week course that focuses on teaching children safe practices both at school and at home. The children are instructed on when, where, and how to cross the street. They are taught bike safety, pedestrian safety, school bus safety, fire safety, seat belt safety, 911 emergency calls, stranger danger and what to do if they find a gun. This program is also geared towards getting children to be comfortable around Law Enforcement and many other important agencies and what the many different uniforms and cars look like.

    Safety Town is held at Northwood Junior High School, 700 Gulf Road, Elyria, Ohio.  Registration can be completed online at

    Safety Town is $10 per child for all citizens of Elyria and surrounding areas through the cooperation of the Elyria Police Department, the Elyria Kiwanis Club, and other generous donors. The class are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Parents are welcome to stay during the classes.

    Safety Town would like to pay thanks to all the supporters and sponsors of Safety Town. Thanks to these businesses, public and private agencies civic organizations for helping make Safety Town the “Safest Place In Town!”

    Goals for Safety Town?

    Our goal here at Safety Town, is to ensure the safety of our children. The volunteers at Safety Town dedicate their time to teaching the children proper street safety. These are some eye opening statistics on road safety.

    • Children suffer a higher risk of disability or death through preventable injury than all childhood diseases combined.
    •  70% of all fire ending in a childhood death are started by children.
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian accidents are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries to children.

    Safety Town Schedule

    Safety Town consists of three (3) one-week sessions:

    • June 12
    • June 19
    • June 26

    Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 11:30am
    Special graduation ceremony on Friday at 9:00am

    Parents are asked to have their little ones there by 9:00am for roll call and other special events prior to class starting. A light breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria from 08:30-09:00. Breakfast is provided by Elyria City Schools.

    Safety Town is open for children entering Kindergarten.

    •  Registration can be completed online at
    • For all other inquiries please contact, Annette Solet  at 440-326-1503.
    • Now accepting applications for Safety Town Instructors. Candidates must have completed at least the 5th grade by the end of this school year.Please click here to download an instructor application 2017 INSTRUCTOR APPLICATION

    2017 will be the 59th year of Safety Town

    2016 Graduating Class—213 Students

    2015 Graduating Class—233 Students
    2014 Graduating Class—289 Students
    2013 Graduating Class—256 Students
    2012 Graduating Class—316 Students
    2011 Graduating Class—400 Students
    2010 Graduating Class—334 Students
    2009 Graduating Class—356 Students
    2008 Graduating Class—315 Students
    2007 Graduating Class—406 Students
    2006 Graduating Class—450 Students
    2005 Graduating Class—400 Students
    2004 Graduating Class—355 Students
    2003 Graduating Class—392 Students
    2002 Graduating Class—407 Students
    2001 Graduating Class—455 Students