Sewer Inspection

The Engineering Department, along with the Wastewater Department, inspects the installation, repair and operation of storm and sanitary sewers owned by the City and any connections to the main sanitary sewer. If the main sanitary or storm line is not flowing as designed, please notify the Wastewater Department. Maintenance of the sanitary laterals (from the curb to the house) and storm laterals are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Please contact the Engineering Department at 440.326.1444 with a 24 hour notice to request the location of a publicly-owned sewer main, storm main, or water line.

Bridge Inspection

The Engineering Department performs detailed inspections in accordance with the ODOT Manual of Bridge Inspection. The following bridges or culverts are included in the annual inspection.

  • East Bridge Street
  • East Broad Street
  • East Fourth Street
  • Ford Road
  • Griswold Road
  • Gulf Road (at Spring Valley)
  • Gulf Road (near WWPC)
  • Lake Avenue
  • Mussey Avenue
  • Schaden Road
  • Second Street (over the railroad)
  • Second Street (over the west branch of the Black River)
  • Sixteenth Street
  • Third Street (over the railroad)
  • Third Street (over the west branch of the Black River)
  • Washington Avenue
  • West Bridge Street