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Sept 27, 2017 Utility Meeting Minutes

The tape of this meeting is on file in the Council Clerk’s Office



The Utilities, Safety & Environment Committee held a meeting on Wednesday,

September 27, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. in Council Chambers.

PRESENT: Committee Chair Mitchell, Members Davis, Tanner, Cerra, Craig ABSENT: None

OTHERS PRESENT: City Engineer Ujvari, Assistant Law Director Breunig


1. Approval of the 9/13/2017 meeting minutes.

Cerra moved, Davis seconded to approve the 9/13/2017 meeting minutes.



2. The matter of a request to authorize the Mayor to advertise and enter into an agreement with a consultant for plans and specifications for resurfacing project on Chestnut Ridge Road, from Dewhurst to Highland Park Drive. [approved at Finance Committee on 9/25]

REFERRED BY: Engineer Tim Ujvari

Mr. Ujvari said the funding that the City is eligible for is Federal Funding. It will require a 20% match. The Engineer’s office submitted an application for the local share match through OPWC. We won’t know if we will receive the funds until early November. They had a scope meeting with ODOT. They need to move forward with the scope and the beginning of the design. The design is estimated at a cost of $75,000 and he is requesting that this be funded through the Issue 6 funds.

Cerra moved, Davis seconded to recommend authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with a consultant to prepare plans and specs for the resurfacing project of Chestnut Ridge Road from Dewhurst to Highland Park Drive at a cost of $75,000.


3. The matter of a request for a resolution to pursue a noise impact study and noise mitigation for residents living adjacent to the Ohio Turnpike.

REFERRED BY: 4th Ward Council, Mark Craig

Mr. Craig stated that a Resolution was passed by Council, [R2016-15] to pursue a noise impact study to be paid for by the City or the Turnpike. Due to the impact of the Ohio Turnpike, Route 57 improvements, increased speed limits and clearing from the construction areas, there has no progress made. Mr. Craig said he wanted to re-refer it so that they could get an update on the issue. Mr. Craig wanted to see if there is further action that can be taken on this impact study.

Mr. Ujvari said that there are 2 bureaucratic bodies that the City has to deal with on this issue; The Ohio Turnpike and ODOT. Mr. Ujvari has looked into the funding for such a project. The response has been, that there is no funding. Two years ago when he applied for two million dollars for the East Side Sewer Relief for under the Turnpike, which would be an eligible project, but we were turned down on that.


At this point there is no funding available for any noise walls or for that matter for the sanitary sewer going under the turnpike. Mr. Ujvari asked through a District 3 Representative as to whether the City can get a survey and he is pursuing that at this time. The noise walls that are currently being constructed are in a different ODOT District then us, we are in ODOT District 3. It doesn’t appear that District 3 is as fluent in noise studies as District 12, which includes Cuyahoga County. Mr. Ujvari stated that he could have a formalized report by early November to give the committee an update.

Mr. Craig asked for a report of all the formal documented efforts that we’ve taken. There are other channels that we can pursue; we could speak to State Representatives, petition the Governor’s Office. If we don’t take action we won’t get anywhere. Informal communications are one thing, formal communications, where people are forced to respond is totally another thing. Mr. Craig is fine with tabling this issue until Engineer Ujvari has more information. He added that the issue is not an easy task. Some of the noise walls currently being constructed in Cuyahoga County have been in the works for many years. The cost is high, at one time it was about a million dollars a mile. Mr. Craig said it’s easy to have informal conversations and get discouraged or to be told to not bother to pursue this because you aren’t going to get anywhere. But we do need to continue to pursue formal efforts. Mr. Craig would like to table it to the next meeting and get the report on at least the noise mitigation study. We need to gather evidence to prove the need.

Mrs. Mitchell feels that the residents at least deserve the City trying. If ODOT says no and the Turnpike says no, there are other ways to put pressure on them.

This matter will be tabled until the meeting on October 25th.


Mr. Craig wanted to clarify the list of streets that was passed out by Mr. Ujvari. Mr. Ujvari said the street list everyone received this evening is the list from the end of 2016 and therefore many streets that were ranked a ‘2′ and most likely ranked a ‘1′ now. That list will be updated after this years program starts to wrap up. The streets that were finished this year have been removed from that list. He is hoping that many of those ranked as ‘2′ can go to ‘1′ which will make them priorities for next year’s list.

Craig moved, seconded by Cerra to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 P.M. MOTION CARRIED

Submitted by,



Colleen Rosado, Secretary