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Sept 18, 2017 Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes

Mr. Lotko called the Strategic Planning Meeting to order at 8:13 P.M. on September 18, 2017

Item #1  The matter of the Sanitation Rate Study was Tabled.

Item #2. The matter of an agreement with Republic Services for the removal (at cost) of mixed recycled glass from Elyria Households via Elyria Sanitation Department was Tabled.

Mr. Serazin started the discussion on the topic to put it in perspective. The State of Ohio filed an action against a number of Drug Companies; Purdue, Endotiva, Johnson-n-Johnson, Allergan. The State

accused those companies of downplaying (or not disclosing) the addition risks of some of their medications and as a result of that it has reeked havoc on the Criminal Justice System and the people who had to enforce the Laws in the State of Ohio, Lorain County, Lorain and Elyria. Each had unique damages. In June the Ohio Attorney General filed an action. He alleged 4,000 deaths in the State of Ohio in 2016 as a result of the Opioid Issue. The Attorney can speak for the State costs. But there are also local costs. Lorain filed a case on June 29, 2017 in Lorain County Common Pleas Court. What happens with these litigations are they end upbeing grouped together, though they


aren’t ‘class action suites’, but you have multiple plaintiffs and the same defendants and the cost can be expensive.

Mr. Brian Balser is a local attorney and has dealt with a number of these lawsuits. If Council wants to pursue Mr. Balser can explain and answer questions. Mr. Serazin feels this is something that should be addressed and considered.

Attorney Brian Balser, 5311 Meadow Lane Ct., Sheffield Village Mr. Balser has practiced law in Lorain County for over 30 years, with the last 16-17 years in pharmaceutical litigation. He had defended over 1,800 individuals in the Fen Phen litigation. Mr. Balser represents people in communities on a contingent bases. If no recovery, there is no cost. This litigation will take some time; it’s in its infancy


The pharmaceutical companies along with the distributors have made billions of dollars. It goes back to greed and they aren’t concerned about community safety. There are laws in place for community safety. There is much harm that has been done to cities throughout the state, including Elyria. You see it in the papers everyday. 80% of the people who are heroin users have reported they started with a type of Opioid that was prescribed. These companies have gone past having the medicine prescribed just for pain and started marketing it to primary care doctors and were deceptive in terms of what the drug would do and how addictive it was.

Mrs. Mitchell asked if the doctors should bear some responsibility as well, since they’re the ones that write the prescriptions. Mr. Balser said that the doctors rely upon what they are told by the pharmaceutical companies. They rely upon the pharmaceutical companies to give them accurate information. The doctors are being deceived as well as the public.

Mr. Baird feels everyone is in agreement with what Mr. Balser is saying. He wonders where do we go from here? How do we proceed? Mr. Serazin said that he would make a referral to Council and authorize Mr. Balser to take action on our behalf and go from there. It will be similar to the Medical Mutual Case. After more discussion we could get the agreement going and get working on it. Mr. Serazin is satisfied with Mr. Balser’s expertise and the fact that he’s local.

President Lotko thanked Mr. Balser.

Mr. Lotko stated that there is no further business.

Mr. Baird made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Stewart.



Forrest L. Bullocks Michael J. Lotko, III

Clerk of Council President of Council