EVENT: Mon. Oct. 30, 2017 - Mon. Oct. 30, 2017
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Oct 30, 2017 Finance Meeting Agenda

Revised 10/30/17



Monday, October 30, 2017 V. Stewart, Chair Following Joint CD & Finance 1. Approval of the 10/10/2017 Finance Meeting Minutes

2. The matter of removing a lot mowing lien from the property at 947 Oakwood St. which was placed inadvertently on the property’s tax duplicate.

REFERRED BY: Assistant Safety Service Director Brubaker

3. The matter of applying for and accept if offered, Grant Funds of up to five million dollars, known as the Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge.

REFERRED BY: Mayor Brinda

4. The matter of a request for transferring $500,000 of demutualization funds from the City of Elyria to the Elyria Community Improvement Corporation for the purpose of creating a gap financing loan fund.

REFERRED BY: Mayor Brinda

*5. The matter of approval of a Resolution of Opposition of Ohio House Bill 49.

REFERRED BY: Finance Director Pileski

6. The matter of a request to amend the 2017 Permanent Appropriations.

REFERRED BY: Finance Director Pileski



1. The matter of citizen requests for additional street lighting. W/ CD Referred by: SSD Siwierka (tabled 1/11/16)4/11/16 tabled to pending items)

2. The matter of a request from Lorain County Administrator Cordes requesting that the City return a portion of water fees for the maintenance of infrastructure. REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka (tabled 5/31/16)

3. The matter of the county water and sewer billing services. REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka tabled 10/11/16

4. The matter of equipping police cruisers and police officers with video cameras. (4/24/17 tabled to pending, awaiting prices)

REFERRED BY: Councilman Tanner

5. The matter of Chapter 165, Non-Bargaining Unit Employees. Tabled to 5/30/17

6. The matter of authorizing the Mayor to advertise for bids and enter in a contract for the purchase of tree lawn tree services. W/ Utilities REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka (Tabled, awaiting Sanitation Rate Study)

7. The matter of the Unpaid (aged) Utility Bills to be placed as Tax Liens to the Lorain County Auditor’s Office. w/ Utilities **( Tabled)** REFERRED BY: Director Siwierka

8. The matter of approving an Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to approve replacing Light Bulbs on State Route 57 to LED Bulbs. (Tabled by Finance Chair 9/11/17) (Utilities and Finance) REFERRED BY: Safety Service Director Siwierka

5. The matter of a review of several Supervisory Salary Ranges for Non-Bargaining Managers, Department Heads and Superintendents. (Tabled 9/11/17 & 9/25/17) REFERRED BY: Mayor Brinda and Safety Director Siwierka

Standing Referrals: Union Contracts, The Fee Ordinance, The Salary Ordinance, Changes to Chapter 165, EPA Matters, Enterprise Zone Agreements / Tax Abatement / CRA Matters-Agreements w/ Community Development, Fire Station Work, Police Complex Work, Issue 2 Matters, Rural Enterprise Zone Matters, sale of City owned land w/ Community Development, Acquiring properties for land reutilization in Compliance with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. w/Community Development

Finance Agenda October 30, 2017