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Nov 29, 2017 Utilities Meeting Agenda



Committee Chair: Donna Mitchell 6:00 P.M.

  1. Approval of the 11/08/2017 Utility Committee Meeting Minutes.
  2. The matter of a authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for the replacement of the current compressor with new compressor at North Park.

REFERRED BY: Parks Director Bowman REFERRED TO: Utilities and Finance


  1. The matter of authorizing the Mayor to advertise for bids and award a contract for the WWPCP UV Disinfection Project.

REFERRED BY: City Engineer Ujvari REFERRED TO: Utilities and Finance


  1. The matter of the changes to the rates charged for sanitation service outside the City corporation limits.

REFERRED BY: Director Siwierka REFERRED TO: Utilities and Finance


  1. The matter of considering Zero-Emissions Nuclear Resource (ZEN) Legislation, designed to preserve our State’s Nuclear Facilities. Ohioans for Clean Energy

REFERRED BY: Councilman Mark Craig REFERRED TO: Utilities


  1. The matter of creating an operations and maintenance plan to maintain safe and user-friendly conditions within the City.

REFERRED BY: Councilman Madison REFERRED TO: Utilities/Finance








Other Pending Items

  1. The matter of authorizing a comprehensive review of overweight vehicles coming into the City.

REFERRED BY: Law Director Serazin (tabled 7/22/15 to the August meeting–tabled)

  1. The matter of amending 932.16 to include modification of membership and meeting date/time. REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka
  2. The matter of Phase 2 of the 2017 Street Resurfacing Program. Tabled 3/15/17
  3. 4. The matter of approving an Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to approve replacing Light Bulbs on State Route 57 to LED Bulbs. (Tabled by Utilities Chair 9/12/17) (Utilities and Finance) REFERRED BY: Safety Service Director Siwierka
  4. The matter of a request for a resolution to pursue a noise impact study and noise mitigation for residents living adjacent to the Ohio Turnpike. REFERRED BY: 4th Ward Council, Mark Craig (Tabled by Utilities Chair 9/27/17) (to go back to table 10/25/17)

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