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Nov 27, 2017 Community Development Meeting Minutes

The tape of this meeting is on file in the Council Clerk’s Office


The Community Development Committee held a meeting on Monday, November 27, 2017 at

6:00 P.M. in Council Chambers.

PRESENT: Committee Chair Callahan, Members Mitchell, Jessie, Cerra, Madison

OTHERS PRESENT: Mayor Brinda, Safety Service Director Siwierka, Finance Director Pileski,

Law Director Serazin, Assistant Finance Director Farrell, City Engineer Schneider,

Assistant Safety Service Director Brubaker, WWPC Superintendent Korzan, Mayor’s Legal Counsel Smith, Police Chief Whitely, Parks Director Reardon

Other Council Members: Stewart, Tanner, Baird, Absent: Lotko


1. Approval of November 13, 2017 Community Development Meeting Minute.

Mitchell moved, Cerra seconded to approve the minutes from the November 13, 2017 CD Meeting.


2. The matter of authorizing the Mayor to solicit bids for professional services and enter into a contract to hire primary Plans Examiner and a back-up Plans Examiner per Section 104, Ohio Building Code. REFERRED BY: Assistant SSD Brubaker

Mr. Brubaker explained that this is a standard process that is done each year. The Plans Examiner along with back-up Plans Examiner is needed for the City’s commercial projects that have to be sent out. Last year they used Clark & Post and the back-up was Sixmo.

Mr. Madison asked how much the contract is for. Mr. Brubaker explained that it’s not a contract. We get a quote if it’s over $50,0000 in 1st 6 months then the cost gets reduced. This year we’ve exceeded the $50,000 parameter because we’ve had a lot of commercial projects this year.

Mr. Madison asked what line item that would come out of in the budget. Mr. Brubaker said it gets paid out of The Professional Services Account.

Cerra moved, Mitchell seconded to recommend an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to solicit bids

and enter into a contract for a Plans Examiner and a back-up Plans Examiner

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN 3. The matter of a request to Rezone 202 Chestnut Street (old Elyria Health Department) from Business District (B-D) to Residential Multi-Household High Density (R-MHH).

REFERRED BY: Legal Counsel Geoff Smith

(Passed by Planning Commission on 11/13) (Public Notice was mailed to adjacent property owners)

Mr. Smith said that has been on-going. It’s the sale of the old Elyria Health Department building. It was recently passed for the rezoning by the Elyria Planning Commission. Once it’s rezoned the applicant will need to get Conditional Use Permits. The building will used as an addiction and rehabilitation center. It will be transitional housing, duel treatment center. The residents will have supervised check in and check out times. The facility will house up to 30 people. Mr. Madison asked if residents have been notified about the plans for this location. Mr. Smith said that the adjoining property owners have been notified and will also be notified for the Conditional Use Permit request. There will be several notices that go out to adjoining property owners throughout the entire process. Mrs. Mitchell asked if there have been any conversations with any of the residents in the neighborhood? Mayor Brinda answered that the surround property owners have received notification of the Planning Commission Meeting.

Mrs. Mitchell asked if there are any open forum meetings scheduled?

Mayor Brinda said there will be another opportunity to address Planning Commission regarding the Conditional Use piece of this. Mr. Callahan reminded that there are 3 readings at Full Council with the 3rd one being a Public Hearing where notices will be mailed and the legal notice will run in the Chronicle Telegram. Mr. Madison asked to be notified along with the property owners.

Property owner, Diane Falty of 213 Chestnut Street asked how many residents are they planning to house and are the going to knock down the building that is already there and build a new one? She also asked why the facility at the old Irondale School is not being utilized? She also brought to the attention of the committee about the abandoned properties that have just been sitting there in the neighborhood and nothing has been do for those properties. Mayor Brinda clarified that the property for rezoning is a former City owned property. It was already decided that the property would be used for a rehabilitation facility. There is a need for this sort of treatment facility. The City has been working with LCADA and the non-profit organization who is initiating the request for this facility. Since the former Elyria Health District was already serving part of this population, the City felt that is was appropriate to consider this as a redevelopment use for the property. It’s close to downtown and positioned correctly. The building will not be rebuilt it will be rehabilitated. Mayor Brinda answered the question of the other facility near Irondale, that is in the old Roosevelt School building, which is owned by the church. They plan to do a future rehabilitation program and are in the process of bringing up that building up to code. Ms. Falty brought up the issue of the traffic issue in the area. Mrs. Falty asked if there are any other options on the table besides multi unit housing? Mayor Brinda said that the multi unit housing was the option that was most needed. Ms. Falty asked how this is decided? Mayor Brinda said that it will go to a vote to elected officials and if there are concern, they should be brought up to those officials. And the final decision will be decided by elected officials. Ms. Falty wanted her concern to be heard, that as a property owner, she would be prefer not to have a treatment center in her neighborhood. Mr. Madison stated that he is willing to vote on the issue so that it can move forward, but he would like to know what the communication plan is for the future of the issue. Mr. Callahan said that this rezoning issue has to go through 3 readings of City Council; 1st one being December 4th, 2nd one December 18th and 3rd and Public Hearing will be January 2nd.

A Motion was made by Cerra, seconded by Mitchell to recommend an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to re-zone property located at 202 Chestnut Street from Business Downtown to Residential Multi-Household High Density.

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN The Community Development Committee and Finance held a Joint meeting immediately following the CD Meeting:


Mr. Stewart called the Finance Meeting to order and stated that Mr. Lotko is unable to attend the meeting and his absence has been excused.

The matter on the agenda for the Joint CD/Finance Meeting is:

1. The matter of accepting the property at 435 West Avenue from Lorain County Land Reutilization.

REFERRED BY: Assistant SS Director Brubaker

REFERRED TO: Community Development / Finance

Mr. Brubaker said that the Mayor asked him to intervene on behalf of a resident regarding the property at 435 West Avenue. This house is two houses north of the Elyria High School parking lot. In 2014 the house was condemned and recently the County foreclosed on the taxes on the property and a resident; Celeste Brlas has been working with the county since late May to try to purchase the property.

The county has a strong time line as to when a property can be rehabed. Ms. Brlas was not going to be able to meet those time lines since much needs to be done and a lot of money is involved. The Lorain County Port Authority thought if they donated it to the City of Elyria through a quick claim deed. Then the City could turn around and do the same thing, quick deed it to Ms. Brlas. There is no cost to the City. But if there are any costs in regards to closing fees or title fees, Ms. Brlas said she will take on those costs. The City is basically a conduit to take a house that is on the demolition list with the Port Authority and be able to turn it over to someone who wants to rehab that property. Ms. Brlas is in attendance if anyone has any questions for her. The City has permission to go into the property so that Ms. Brlas can walk through it to make sure there is no additional damage. Just to add a little more info, the house next door, at 429 West Ave, was on the demo list and someone has bought that and rehabed it. Mr. Brubaker added that the house is in the Historic District and Ms. Brlas understands that she will have to abide by those guidelines. Mr. Callahan thanked Ms. Brlas for wanting to rehab that house, it will only have a positive effect on the City.

Community Development motion was made by Cerra, seconded by Mitchell to recommend an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to re-zone property located at 202 Chestnut Street from Business Downtown to Residential Multi-Household High Density.

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN Finance Committee motion was made by Baird, seconded by Madison to recommend an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to re-zone property located at 202 Chestnut Street from Business Downtown to Residential Multi-Household High Density.


Cerra moved, Mitchell seconded to adjourn the Community Development Meeting at 6:15.

Respectfully Submitted by:


Colleen Rosado, Council Clerk Secretary