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Jan 3, 2018 Utility Meeting Minutes

The tape of this meeting is on file in the Council Clerk’s Office


The Utilities, Safety & Environment Committee held a meeting on

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. in Council Chambers.

PRESENT: Committee Chair Mitchell, Members Davis, Tanner, Cerra, Craig

OTHERS PRESENT: Engineer Schneider, Assistant Law Director Deery,

WWPC Superintendent Korzan


1. Approval of the November 29, 2017 meeting minutes.

Craig moved Cerra seconded to approve the November 29, 2017 meeting minutes.


2. The matter of a request for Modification to the Wastewater Facility Planning Area.

REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: Utilities Mr. Schneider handed out the list of locations that are part of FPA, NOACA, Lorain County and the EPA are pushing to sewer a lot of areas within our FPA as well as outside our FPA. Elyria has been in discussions with Avon Lake and LORCO in regards to the possibility of doing an FPA swap. The areas that are being considered are on the sheet that was handed out. LORCO is willing to give 149 acres to Elyria. And the area that Elyria is looking to give up is along Rt 83. Currently LORCO has sewers in this area and there are people and developers who want sewers so they can tie into them. NOACA has asked us to come into an agreement with LORCO to do a land swap or give them part of our FPA. We prefer not to give up our FPA, but rather do the swap. We won’t be losing money because we will be getting land in exchange. The area that Elyria is looking to pick up is along Rt 301 and Rt 10. That would be a swap but the problem is the immediate need for sewers in that area.

Cerra moved, Davis seconded to recommend an ordinance to allow a modification to transfer an area on Grafton Rd & W Royalton Rd into LORCO’s FPA and for Elyria to accept an area on Butternut Ridge & LaGrange Rd into Elyria FPA, (a service area swap).

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN Mr. Craig asked if we have plans to provide services into our FPA? We spent a million dollars to redraw these lines and fight LORCO from coming in and now we’re swapping around land.

Mr. Schneider said the City has very preliminary plans as far as sewer areas that were looked at by a consultant. The areas on the southern end of our FPA go through the west side interceptor sewer, so there is no issue as far as flow. At this time there is no easy way for us to get sewers to that area.

Mr. Korzan said that EPA and the stake-holders for the FPA’s. The FPA’s were put int existence a long time ago and they were supposed to be dealt with over a 20 year period. The City has done some things with our FPA, where we could afford it, sewers were put in. The vast majority of the other stake-holders have sat on it. The EPA is looking into areas where there are multiple home septic systems that are failing. We won’t get a big return for millions of dollars being spent to run sewers into. It takes a lot of capital money just to keep going with what we have. There are a lot of projects going on right now. We know that in next 10 – 15 years a lot of sewers will have to be built.

Mr. Craig asked how long will it take for it to provide service to the City’s FPA’s? Mr. Schneider said that we are not that far. They have looked at sewers and sizing and general locations, but it’s a ways off.

3. The matter of Advertising for Bids for Elyria WTP – Old Pump Station Asbestos Removal REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: UtilitiesMr. Schneider said this is the old pump station that was decommissioned a few years ago when the new one was built. The existing pipes, pumps and valves have an asbestos coating on it that is required removal as well as documentation. They are asking for approval to be able to go out for bid to have it removed and demo some of the equipment that is in there. It is included in the temporary budget. They are estimating the cost to be $150,000.

The high service building is the building that is currently unoccupied. They are considering demolishing the building or bring it down to ground level or maintain it the way it is and possibly putting in a workshop for the workers as well as offices. There is a lot of wasted space because of the height of it. The building in question is the back half of the building that was just re-roofed.

Mr. Craig asked why we are going to pay $150,000 to remove asbestos if we don’t know what we’re going to do with the building. Maybe there would be some funding if we’re going to use the building for something else.

Per Mr. Schneider the asbestos have to be removed because it’s a hazard material. EPA requires that when there is abandon equipment, it needs to be removed in a certain time period and it’s actually been over that time and every year when the EPA does their evaluation and audit, they ask what the plan is and when will it be taken care of. Equipment that is not being used or has been decommissioned must be removed per EPA. So, bottom line, before anything can be done, the asbestos has to be removed.

Cerra moved, Davis seconded to recommend an ordinance to authorize the Mayor to advertise for bids and award a contract for the asbestos removal project at the old Pump Station. Standard emergency clause applies.

(1 Nay) – Craig

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN4. The matter of the Wet Weather Program, East Side Relief Sewer Project Phase 1B South REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: UtilitiesMr. Schneider said this is the continuation project for the east side relief sewer, it will extend from the corner of Canterbury and Whitman and extend to Abbe Road. The continuation of this project is to satisfy the EPA as part of the long term control plan. The funding for this project was included as part of the DEFFA Loan that was approved by Council last month, that $13 million dollars would go toward this project. Mr. Schneider said this project will start as soon as the weather breaks and will be a 6 – 9 month process. Mrs. Mitchell asked if as a result of this project it will result in relief in flooding for the residents in that area. Mr. Craig said that it’s going to offer relief to residents in the St. Jude area. Mr. Schneider said that will be some relief to the area.

Mr. Korzan said that the existing east side interceptor get very overloaded during rain events that some of these area don’t have much of a chance of getting there flow into the east side interceptor. When the sewers in the Eastern Heights area, which is the tail end of this project, load up during rain events and that water is pushed north through the existing 36″ and 48″ east side interceptor. When the new sewer is ready to be tapped in, that will take some relief off of the existing interceptor and will allow flows from other areas to get in there.

Craig moved, Cerra seconded to recommend an to ordinance the Mayor to advertise for bids and award a contract for the Wet Weather/East Side sewer Relief Program on Whitman Blvd. from Canterbury Rd. To Abbe Rd., N.

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN5. The matter of the Cooperation Agreement with Lorain County, State of Ohio Resurfacing of West River Rd., S, from Oberlin-Elyria Road to Infirmary Road (OPWC)

REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: Utilities and Finance (1/08) Mr. Schneider said Council passed an ordinance to allow the City to apply for Ohio Public Work Funds and the County Engineer’s office spoke to the City in regards to us joining in the project with them. It’s a great idea since both projects butt up to each other and there would be some cost savings.

Elyria would be paying 4 and a half percent, the county would be paying 6 and a half percent and Ohio Public Works would pay the rest.

Davis moved, seconded by Cerra to recommend an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Lorain County to share the cost of the resurfacing project on West River Rd.


6. The matter of a request of authorizing the Mayor to legally advertise for bids and enter into an agreement for the purchase of various chemicals for the WWPC Plant and the Water Pumping Plant for the period of April 16, 2018 through April 16, 2019.

REFERRED BY: WWPC Superintendent Korzan REFERRED TO: Utilities Mr. Korzan said that this is the annual request to go out for bids for chemicals for Waste Water and the Water Treatment Plant. The cost comes out of operations and maintenance line item. They go out for bids every year because the prices change every year.

Craig moved, seconded by Davis to authorize the Mayor to advertise for bids and enter into an agreement for the purchase of chemicals for WWPC and Water Pumping plants

MOTION CARRIED COMMITTEE REPORT WRITTEN 7. The matter of considering Zero-Emissions Nuclear Resource (ZEN) Legislation, designed to preserve our State’s Nuclear Facilities. Ohioans for Clean Energy

(This matter was tabled on 11/29/17 and to be revisited on 1/3/18)

REFERRED BY: Councilman Mark Craig REFERRED TO: Utilities Mrs. Mitchell reminded that this matter was discussed and tabled in November.

Craig moved, Davis seconded to recommend a resolution in support on Ohio’s Zero-Emissions Nuclear Resource (ZEN) Legislation


Craig moved, seconded by Cerra to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 P.M. MOTION CARRIED

Respectfully Submitted by,


Colleen Rosado, Secretary