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Jan 3, 2018 Utility Meeting Agenda

Revised: 1/3/18



(#’s 3, 4 and 5 have been added)


Committee Chair: Donna Mitchell 6:00 P.M.

  1. Approval of the 11/29/2017 Utility Committee Meeting Minutes.
  2. 2. The matter of a request for Modification to the Wastewater Facility Planning Area.

REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: Utilities


*3. The matter of Advertising for Bids for Elyria WTP – Old Pump Station Asbestos Removal

REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: Utilities


*4. The matter of the Wet Weather Program, East Side Relief Sewer Project Phase 1B South

REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: Utilities


*5. The matter of the Cooperation Agreement with Lorain County, State of Ohio Resurfacing of West River Rd., S, from Oberlin-Elyria Road to Infirmary Road (OPWC)

REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider REFERRED TO: Utilities and Finance (1/08)

  1. The matter of a request of authorizing the Mayor to legally advertise for bids and enter into an agreement for the purchase of various chemicals for the WWPC Plant and the Water Pumping Plant for the period of April 16, 2018 through April 16, 2019.

REFERRED BY: WWPC Superintendent Korzan REFERRED TO: Utilities


  1. The matter of considering Zero-Emissions Nuclear Resource (ZEN) Legislation, designed to preserve our State’s Nuclear Facilities. Ohioans for Clean Energy

(This matter was tabled on 11/29/17 and to be revisited on 1/3/18)

REFERRED BY: Councilman Mark Craig REFERRED TO: Utilities




Other Pending Items

  1. The matter of authorizing a comprehensive review of overweight vehicles coming into the City.

REFERRED BY: Law Director Serazin (tabled 7/22/15 to the August meeting–tabled)

  1. The matter of amending 932.16 to include modification of membership and meeting date/time. REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka
  2. The matter of Phase 1 of the 2018 Street Resurfacing Program.
  3. 4. The matter of approving an Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to approve replacing Light Bulbs on State Route 57 to LED Bulbs. (Tabled by Utilities Chair 9/12/17) (Utilities and Finance) REFERRED BY: Safety Service Director Siwierka
  4. The matter of a request for a resolution to pursue a noise impact study and noise mitigation for residents living adjacent to the Ohio Turnpike. REFERRED BY: 4th Ward Council, Mark Craig (Tabled by Utilities Chair 9/27/17) (to go back to table 10/25/17)
  5. The matter of creating an operations and maintenance plan to maintain safe and user-friendly conditions within the City. (Put in Pending 11/29/17) REFERRED BY: Councilman Madison

z:Utilities Agenda January 3, 2018