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Sept 25, 2017 Finance Committee



Monday, September 25, 2017 V. Stewart, Chair 6:00 P.M. 1. Approval of the 9/11/17 Finance Meeting Minutes

2. The matter of a request to authorize the Mayor to advertise and enter into an agreement with a consultant for plans and specifications for resurfacing project on Chestnut Ridge Road, from Dewhurst to Highland Park Drive.

REFERRED BY: Engineer Tim Ujvari

3. The matter of a request to re-classify City Council Secretary from Administrative Secretary to Secretary III.

REFERRED BY: Council Clerk Office

4. The matter of a request to amend the 2017 Permanent Appropriations.

REFERRED BY: Assistant Finance Director John Farrell

5. The matter of a review of several Supervisory Salary Ranges for Non-Bargaining Managers, Department Heads and Superintendents. (Tabled 9/11/17)

REFERRED BY: Mayor Brinda and Safety Director Siwierka



1. The matter of citizen requests for additional street lighting. W/ CD Referred by: SSD Siwierka (tabled 1/11/16)4/11/16 tabled to pending items)

2. The matter of a request from Lorain County Administrator Cordes requesting that the City return a portion of water fees for the maintenance of infrastructure. REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka (tabled 5/31/16)

3. The matter of the county water and sewer billing services. REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka tabled 10/11/16

4. The matter of equipping police cruisers and police officers with video cameras. (4/24/17 tabled to pending, awaiting prices)

REFERRED BY: Councilman Tanner

5. The matter of Chapter 165, Non-Bargaining Unit Employees. Tabled to 5/30/17

6. The matter of authorizing the Mayor to advertise for bids and enter in a contract for the purchase of tree lawn tree services. W/ Utilities REFERRED BY: SSD Siwierka (Tabled, awaiting Sanitation Rate Study)

7. The matter of the Unpaid (aged) Utility Bills to be placed as Tax Liens to the Lorain County Auditor’s Office. w/ Utilities **( Tabled)** REFERRED BY: Director Siwierka

8. The matter of approving an Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to approve replacing Light Bulbs on State Route 57 to LED Bulbs. (Tabled by Finance Chair 9/11/17) (Utilities and Finance) REFERRED BY: Safety Service Director Siwierka

Standing Referrals: Union Contracts, The Fee Ordinance, The Salary Ordinance, Changes to Chapter 165, EPA Matters, Enterprise Zone Agreements / Tax Abatement / CRA Matters-Agreements w/ Community Development, Fire Station Work, Police Complex Work, Issue 2 Matters, Rural Enterprise Zone Matters, sale of City owned land w/ Community Development, Acquiring properties for land reutilization in Compliance with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. w/Community Development


Finance Agenda September 25, 2017