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Sept 25, 2017 Community Development Committee





Monday September 25, 2017

T. Callahan, Chair 6:00 P.M.

1. Approval of the 8/28/2017 CD Meeting Minutes

2. The matter of a transfer of a Liquor License as submitted by Distinict CLE, LLC, 33467 Lake Road,

Ste 206A, Avon Lake, Ohio 44012 (Permit Class C2).

To be Transferred to Distinict CLE, LLC, DBA District CLE, 830 Taylor Street, Elyria, Ohio 44035 (Permit Class C2)

(w/ SSD, Police Dept., Bldg. Insp., Ward Council).







1. The matter of the sale of City owned property. The matter of the disposal of City property (Standing referral)

2. The matter of entering into agreements for tax abatement, urban enterprise zones, and the CRA #3. w/ Finance

(Standing referral)

3. The matter of acquiring properties for land reutilization in compliance with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. w/Finance (Standing referral)

4. The matter of the acceptance of several subdivisions. (Subdivisions basically awaiting completion of sidewalks)

5. The matter of accepting New Riverbend Subdivision No. 1 and No. 2.

6. The matter of a request by property owners to remove their properties from their inclusion in the West Avenue Historical District. w/Planning Commission REFERRED BY: Bob Tarry

7. The matter of citizen requests for additional street lighting. W/ Finance Referred by: SSD Siwierka (tabled 1/11/16) (4/11/16 tabled to pending)

8. The matter of amending Chapter 1166.04 to add a new conditionally permitted use to the H-I Heavy Industrial District for the cultivation of medical marijuana as contemplated by Chapter 3796 of the ORC. W/ Planning Commission

REFERRED BY: Assist. Law Director Breunig

9. The matter of a request to rezone the property at 202 Chestnut Street, which is owned by the City of Elyria. Currently zoned B-N ( Business Neighborhood District) to rezone to R-MHH (Residential-Multi-Household High Density) W/Planning Commission

REFERRED BY: Assist. Safety Service Director Brubaker



CD Agenda Sept. 25, 2017