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CDBG FY 2018 Draft Action Plan

The City’s draft FY 2018 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program Annual Action Plan and update to the Consolidated Plan is available for public review and comment. The intent of the Plan is to create a housing and community development strategy in which the City of Elyria identifies resources and programs to address various needs for the 2018 Program Year.

The purpose of the public comment period is to obtain the views of citizens on the City’s Community Development, Economic Development and Housing needs and to provide an opportunity for citizen participation in determining activities to be funded.

The draft Annual Action Plan for FY 2018 will be available for public review and comment from November 9, 2017 through December 11, 2017, at the following locations:

City of Elyria
Office of Community Development

131 Court Street, Suite 302

Elyria, OH   44035


Elyria Public Library

320 Washington Avenue

Elyria, OH   44035

Any comments should be submitted to the City of Elyria, Office of Community Development at the above-written address or by e-mail to

2018 Draft Action Plan